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Bookie.ag Review

Bookie.ag has rapidly emerged as a major player in the sports betting industry. By leveraging its strategic position, the platform offers cost-effective services to both bookmakers and their clients. Bookie.ag is acclaimed for its sophisticated software, which supports a wide range of sports and betting options, along with complimentary access to a racebook and casino. The interface is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring seamless and user-friendly navigation. Moreover, Bookie.ag provides competitive pricing and expert customer support. Bookmakers particularly benefit from robust reporting tools that facilitate efficient business management.


What to avoid when selecting a sportsbook   Whenever choosing a new sportsbook, one should always look at telltale signs of things that should be avoided at all costs. The following is an outline of just some factors that should be considered….reasons one should NOT choose an offshore sportsbook:  

  • 1 ) Avoid signing up with an establishment that promises 30% and higher signup bonuses.. Really, sportsbooks can just barely get by offering a 20% signup bonus – anything higher WITHOUT limits and rules to how the bonus will be used (i.e. in the form of action; parlays, etc..) is a TRUE red flag and players should be weary.  
  • 2 ) Rude or unknowledgable operators is often a good tell tale sign. This usually shows that a book is not willing to take the time out to train and that the operator 9 times out of 10 is probably new to the company. That in and of itself is not THAT vital a reason to turn your back on a book you might be contemplating joining up with. I suggest calling two or three times and seeing if you get the same person or same answers to similar questions. If so, it´s probably a safe bet to keep your money away from that place. Rude operators you just DON´T have time for.  
  • 3 ) Books located in the Dominican Republic or Grenada are susceptible to corruption. While NOT all books operating in these jurisdictions are necessarily bad, if they tell you that is where they are located, do your homework before signing up. That goes for Dominica and St. Kitts as well.  
  • 4 ) If a book does not mention where they are located or licensed, beware! Why would anyone send money to an establishment they don´t even know where the money is going to? Hey, I think I will send a $1000 to Haiti, why not? Tell that to any sane person, and they will think you are nuts. Costa Rica is a respectable developing country with a highly skilled and educated work force. Also excellent banking. Antigua is highly regulated while Belize and Curacao have enacted some excellent safeguards as well.  
  • 5 ) Check their registration online. It´s easy if a sportsbook has an online domain name to see if they are registered outside the US by checking out any search engine and entering search terms “DOMAIN SEARCH”. There are numerous sites all connected to InterNic which shows registration information. This is not a guarantee the book is going to pay but at least you know they are not in the USA, or at least if they say so, Stay away!  
  • 6 ) If other sportsbook operators in the jurisdiction they claim to hail from are not familiar with a particular book, that is a bad sign as most of these guys all go out and drink at the same watering hole after work. Costa Rica might be an exception due to the way books there are spread out. Still, if a book has made a good name for themselves, others in the industry should know about them. Study sites such askthebookie.com which will reveal reputable and not so reputable books and where they are located.  
  • 7 ) Just mentioned, study any of the 3 sites discussed in Number 6. These are in place for YOU the player to help educate and we do recommend studying ALL sites – not just one.  
  • 8 ) Don´t be shy about asking questions, A LOT of questions. Sportsbooks that are not willing to answer or who don´t know the answers are sportsbooks that probably do NOT want your business because you are simply too smart for them.