Pricing is made up of a team of guys that make up over 100 years of experience in the sports betting industry. Between us all, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or done. Now, we’re bringing that expertise to you. Helping you win more bets.

We saw there was a void in technology when it came to handicappers. That void exists in how handicappers can add picks, sell their picks, market their picks and notify their customers. That’s when the wheels on Sports Hub started turning.

With connections in every aspect of the betting industry, we realized that we had everything in place to make a real difference. Soon after, we started developing the software that our handicappers and sports bettors are using right now.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide transparent information that our users can comfortably bet on.

The goal here at Sports Hub is to bring the best of the best that sports betting information has to offer. We will do this all while helping grow the handicapper industry. In doing this, we will also be building the largest sports betting community in the world.

We will provide sports bettors with quality information, from the most trusted sources across the Internet. No one wins all the time. But with such a huge selection of picks from handicappers that specialize in various sports, we’ll let you know who the hottest cappers are at any moment.

Sports Hub Features For Bettors

As previously stated, our mission is to provide transparent information that our users can comfortably bet on. Our database is huge, getting picks from our exclusive handicappers, as well as pick data from sources across the web.

With our sortable leaderboard, you’ll quickly be able to search and find the hottest sports handicappers and tail their plays. Add our consensus and majority report to the mix, and the best betting info on the planet is right there for the taking.

We’ve been asked many times. Why is a membership at Sports Hub better than buying picks from a capper? It’s easy. The volume of picks that will be available to you will be like nothing you’ve seen before.

Of course, they’re not all winners. But once you get used to our software and develop your own strategies on how to find, sort and use our picks, you’ll be on your way to betting success.

Something Different Was Needed

Too many handicapper sites focus on individual handicappers, and not what bettors are looking for.

We all bet for various reasons. Some bet because they love the rush of adrenaline. Others bet because their team is playing on National television. While some bettors place a wager on a game because they have a good feeling about the outcome.

We focus on finding picks for whatever reason you want to bet. Maybe you and your friends are getting together to watch a big game and want to add a little more excitement. All you have to do is log in, find the game you’ll be watching and sort through any number of picks for that game.

We’ll show you which side the majority of the cappers are on in our majority report. Or see which sports tout is the hottest who has action on the game. No matter what you are looking for, we’ll have that information for you.

Sports Hub Is Here For Handicappers

We talked with many professional handicappers and found out the largest deficiencies within the industry. The top issues were betting market variety, instant notification (when a play has been made), marketing and transparency.

Some of our software features for pro handicappers include:

– full betting market menu (straight, 1st half, 2nd half, props, futures, etc)

– parlays & teasers

– automatic notifications

– sortable leaderboards


– tons of Admin functions

Our new software will give cappers access to submit picks for any betting market found at online sportsbooks.We know that this only affects a small percentage of people, however, these expanded options, in the end, will help every single sports bettor.

Sports Hub & Aspiring Handicappers

Another way we are revolutionizing the sports handicapping industry is by allowing anyone to become a handicapper. Now, don’t get us wrong, not every handicapper will be featured in bright lights on the main page.

However, for a low monthly fee, we will allow anyone access to our software. This access will give you the same features as professional sports handicappers.

You’ll be able to add picks and analysis that will be entered into our database. In turn, your picks will be graded and shown in our leaderboards and other statistical data.

If you prove you’re worthy of becoming a true pro capper, Sports Hub could bring you on board as an exclusive handicapper. We pay our cappers 50% of all sales, getting you started in the career you always dreamed of.

Perks to Becoming a Handicapper With Us

Besides the obvious – becoming a professional sports handicapper – there are many perks to becoming a handicapper with Sports Hub.

Once you are set up with an account at, you can quickly be given permission to access our backend (I said pardon). Once you have access to our handicapper tools, you’ll be able to start entering bets.

When you enter our capper portal, you will see a massive selection of betting markets to choose from. Not only will you be able to place common wagers like moneyline, totals and point spread on popular sports. Find player props, futures, parlays, teasers and much more.

When you find the side you are on, you’ll set a wager amount – which acts as “unit betting”. Your wager amount will directly affect your net profit. Net profit is just one of many ways individual capper sortable stats can be searched.

Win Money – Join Our Capper Competition

Access to our handicapper software won’t break the bank. For $50 a month, not only will you get access to enter picks in our system that will allow you to sell picks on our site. That fee will automatically enter you in our capper competition.

There will be winners for the best handicappers in all sports, with the top 3 winning cash prizes. There will even be a ring for the Champion of the NFL, NCAA football, MLB and more.

If you sell a personal package, you will get 50% of all commissions. Just sell 2 packages a month and your monthly fees will be waived. If your picks are good enough, you’ll be featured on Sports Hub’s main page and throughout all our socials.

If we’re being honest, this is the tip of the iceberg for where we want to go. We will be adding contests and other perks as we grow.

We’re Here For You

We developed this software for everyone involved with the sports betting industry. No matter if you’re the world’s greatest sports handicapper or you’re still waiting to place your first bet.

The information that will be offered for less than a dollar a day will astound you. We know where to find the best information, and we’re giving it all to you.

Add in how we are going to change the sports handicapping industry; there’s no doubt that Sports Hub will soon be a household name.

Join today, it’s super easy and no personal information is required. All you have to do is give us your name and an email address that can be verified. What are you waiting for? Get started now!