Computer Picks

BET AND WIN LIKE THE EXPERTSAre you ready to take the next step with your sports betting and start winning consistently?

How Our Computer Picks System Works

Our software doesn’t simulate sports results like our competitors, we track real bets.
We have exclusive access to a database with 10,000+ real bettors. Our software tracks all of these players in real-time.
Our proprietary algorithms then rank every handicapper in the database based on how well they perform by sport and bet type.
When our system identifies multiple sharps betting on the same outcome, our software automatically publishes the AI pick above.
We have zero control on the picks released by our software. It’s simply using algorithms to generate the sharpest sports picks with the most value (+EV).

Computer Picks are generated by a complex algorithm that analyzes various factors of statistics and historical data.

Why Are There No Computer Picks?

Our AI system generates quality picks with a proven return on investment (ROI).

  • Our AI system generates quality picks with a proven return on investment (ROI).
  • We believe in quality over quantity.
  • Some days, there may be zero AI picks, as our algorithms haven’t generated any picks with enough value to be released .
  • We recommend not looking at the volume of bets released by our AI software, but look at the results and profits generated.
  • If there are no computer picks listed here, we still have daily sports picks from the pros.

The GameAdvisers is the home for our sports betting software powered by AI.

Win more bets by following the experts. It’s that easy! We have developed a world-class software that generates winning sports picks by tracking and analyzing data from professional handicappers.

Our software isolates the betting data from the top 1% of professional bettors.

The best way to win consistently betting on sports is by following only the best. There are hundreds of sports pick services, but none of them possess the same data set as us.
Sound exciting?

Here’s exactly how our sports betting software functions:

The GameAdvisers sports betting software is connected to a growing list of gambling sites through a private API, allowing us to track raw betting data. Our algorithms then go to work to analyze the data and isolate expert handicappers for all major sports leagues and bet types, including props.

Professional handicappers in our database are ranked using an algorithm primarily based on the return on investment (ROI) of their predictions and the recent form of every expert.

This means that only the top experts are featured in our Advice System Plays.

Sports bettors can now tail the top 1% of professional bettors who consistently make money. There’s no other sports investment service that has access to the data we have.

The software processes the experts’ predictions from our private database on a daily basis and only the best bets are released as Advice System Plays after being run through our algorithms.
Members can expect to receive 5+ Advice System Plays daily.

We only release the most confident picks that our software generates. These are the bets that the professionals and betting syndicates are betting big on. The goal of the Advice System is to build a consistent ROI for sports bettors with a high return and low risk exposure.

The data we aggregate through private APIs can’t be found elsewhere. We want to stress this point. We’re not using readily available betting data. We’ve leveraged our experience and relationships in the sports betting industry to access the exclusive data that powers our sports betting software.